Outstanding! Had a knowledge of course material I have not seen before in other trainers or consultants. Training Specialist, US Army
Jimmy, Training Specialist, US Army
If you're looking for a great life coach, consider Dr. Smith. He's extremely thoughtful, intelligent, and sincere. He's helped me navigate some tricky waters and helped me with prioritizing aspects of my life.
Justin, New Hope Chapel
This is the best class I have taken. Bill Smith is an excellent instructor. He teaches to all “types”.
Catherine, Liberty Mutual Insurance
Dr. Smith keeps the course fun and knew when to pick it up.
Calisse, US ATSC
Bill Smith delivered the course exceptionally well. He certainly helped me to understand the process of negotiation strategies and techniques. I would highly recommend Bill for all future classes…as a matter of fact, I would gladly travel to wherever he may be conducting training.
Debra, US Army
The materials were excellent resources. The detail of personality types and especially what happens in stressful situations was most helpful. I would recommend this course to others.
Project Management Leader, Johnson & Johnson
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