Weight Management

The Weigh Right Tele-seminar

Tired of trying to lose weight?  Have you ever lost your keys — on purpose?  That would be an interesting 90-day challenge, to lose all of your keys in 90 days!  Week one your goal might be to lose your backdoor key, week two lose the front door key, week three lose the garage door key and so on.  Sounds silly but trying to lose weight is just as silly.

During the Weigh Right tele-seminar you will come to understand the psychological barriers to achieving your correct body weight and gain the techniques to remove those barriers.

Research shows most people set a negative goal around their weight by thinking and talking about how much weight they want to lose instead of thinking in terms of how much they want to weight.  Most people are also not aware of the relationship between stress and weight gain.  During the Weigh Right tele-seminar you will come to understand why all of your attempts at proper nutrition and exercise have had little impact on your weight especially for the long term.

During the initial free introduction tele-seminar you will gain an understanding of how your psyche is simply following instructions you don’t even know you are sending.  You will also learn some simple techniques to establish a better working relationship with your body.

If you sign-up for the 8-week Weigh Right Tele-seminar you learn a set of tools and techniques to allow you to have fun moving towards your correct weight.  And why not?  You had fun putting it on why not have fun taking off?

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