Releasing Cravings

Do you struggle trying to resist certain foods?  Do you have strong desires for things that are actually not good for you such as cigarettes?  A craving is simply a strong desire for something. Some cravings are good for you while others are bad for you.  An addition is an unusually strong craving.  With a craving you have some degree of choice while with an addiction you feel you have no choice and you can’t live without it.

All cravings and addictions are learned and are simply attempts to pacify the body.  Whereas some might say “its all in your mind” we might say “its all in your perception”.  While behavior modification can certainly work to reduce or remove your cravings it sure does take a lot of work.  There is an easier way.

Are you trying to quit smoking? Sign up for the 30 minute smoking cessation coaching call.

Are you trying to quit smoking? Sign up for the 30 minute smoking cessation coaching call.

Since cravings and addictions are actually in the body we can use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) called Tapping to simply and easily reduce or even remove our strong desires, cravings or addictions.

During the Releasing Cravings seminar you will have the opportunity to experience first hand the almost instant reduction in desire towards whatever seems to have a hold over you.  All we ask is when you call into to the seminar you have whatever you crave right in front of you and that you are also actually wanting to have it as well.  At the beginning of the seminar I will ask you to record the strength of your desire.  As the seminar proceeds you will be asked to notice the strength of your desire allowing you validate the craving has actually gone away.

There will be no analysis, no lecture, no attempts to convince you to just give it up.  In fact, at the end of the seminar I will actually attempt to get you to go ahead and submit to your craving. I will say something like, “Okay, no go ahead and eat your piece of chocolate, go ahead and light up your cigarette!”  You most likely will not be interested.  This is what I mean be actual validation of change in your perception of the thing you crave!


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