The word negotiation comes from the Latin words, “neg” which means “not” and “otium” means “leisure” so negotiation originally meant “not leisure” and in some ways it probably still does!  Negotiation also means conferring or communicating with others in order to come to an agreement.  We negotiate with co-workers, supervisors, employees, spouses, and our children.  Essentially this means we are negotiating almost all the time!  And yet, we have received little to no education or training in how to effectively and efficiently conduct this common form of interaction.

During the Negotiation tele-seminar you will  learn the skills and techniques to help you identify:

If you're interested in the Negotiation Tele-seminar, you might also be interested in Dr. Smith's Negotiation Coaching.

If you’re interested in the Negotiation Tele-seminar, you might also be interested in Dr. Smith’s Negotiation Coaching.

– which issues really need to be negotiated
– how to prioritize your issues
– different strategies to setup your agenda
– how to prepare for each of the four stages of negotiation
– how to execute and manage the stages of negotiation
– the negotiation style of the other party
– how to manage and preserve the relationship
– ways to remain calmer while negotiating

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