Helping Your Child Sleep

I often have people ask me for tips in getting their children to sleep.  By children I am talking about kids around 4 years or older.  With younger children the experts are divided on how to handle the situation with Dr. Richard Ferber at one end of the scale and Dr. William Sears at the other. All the experts agree however the process involves calming the child down -- Ferber suggesting the child … [Read more...]

A Body Wants to Know

Does your body know what happened? A few years ago I was talking to a lady I met at a social event and she asked me what I do.  I said, “Well I help people struggling with sleep.”  She immediately lit up saying she needed help.  She said she goes to sleep every night but wakes up three hours later and then can’t get back to a deep sleep. I asked how long had this been going on.  She … [Read more...]

Second Sleep

One of the many endearing characteristics of Tolkien’s Hobbits is that they have a second breakfast, a second lunch and a second dinner. Sometimes I wonder if maybe I’m a Hobbit – well I do on occasion have a second helping! I choose to think the Hobbits also had a second sleep. Many of my clients have asked for help with sleep. Specifically they indicate a habit of going to sleep only to wake … [Read more...]

The Sleep Game

Sleep, for some, is elusive.  Other people find sleep easy. What if this second group is actually making it easy for sleep to find them? People who struggle with sleep share one thing in common – they find it difficult to shut off their thoughts. There are some small words that carry a big effect.  For example, the word “If” is only two letters and yet it sets up a world of possibilities, … [Read more...]

Thankful Sleep

I am always on the lookout for sleep techniques and here's another one I stumbled on recently that might work for you.Since the main reason we cannot seem to fall asleep is because we don't know how to shut off thoughts, the Present Moment Referencing technique is the first thing I recommend. For those who missed it the technique is simple. All you say to yourself (with your eyes closed) is, "I am … [Read more...]

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