Sleep Workshop

People are stressed out and as a result they aren’t sleeping well and consequently are NOT performing at maximum capacity.

The key to better sleep is learning how to manage your emotional responses to stress triggers as well as training in techniques for getting to sleep, staying asleep and getting the right kind of sleep so you wake up refreshed.


Everyone experiences emotions. When emotions are positive it’s great, but when they are negative the experience can be draining of energy.  Eventually these negative emotions can become stressful and impact sleep resulting in lost productivity.  Consider the following information from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health and the National Academy of Sciences:

Sleep, Stress & Fatigue:  The National Academy of Sciences report said that loss of sleephas increased in recent decades because of longer workdays and computer use. Lack of sleep increases the risk of a variety of health problems, the report said, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease and heart attacks.

Sleep: The National Commission on Sleep Disorders considers that sleep loss alone is costing, through higher stress and reduced work productivity, about $150 billion, a loss supported by businesses.

Sick days: According to a survey of 800,000 workers in over 300 companies, the number of employees calling in sick because of stress tripled from 1996 to 2000.  An estimated 1 million workers are absent every day due to stress.

Stress:  A 1997 three-year study conducted by one large corporation found that 60% of employee absences could be traced to psychological problems that were due to job stress.

Medical Costs:  Studies by the National Academy of Sciences in the 1990s estimated the cost of medical care for sleep disorders at$15.9 billion.  In addition, damage from motor vehicle accidents involving tired drivers amounts to at least $48 billion a year.

Overall Costs:  In addition to absenteeism, job stress is also very costly with the price tag for U.S. industry estimated at over $300 billion annually as a result of: accidents, employee turnover, diminished productivity, direct medical, legal, and insurance costs and workers’ compensation awards.

Currently the majority of the people reading this will answer Yes to most of these questions.  Our research shows they will answer No within one week after attending our Natural Sleep Workshop.

If you're interested in the Sleep Workshop, you might also be interested in the Natural Sleep Tele-seminar.

If you’re interested in the Sleep Workshop, you might also be interested in the Natural Sleep Tele-seminar.

1.        Is your sleep regularly broken?

2.        Do you still feel tired after sleeping?

3.        Do you find it difficult to get to sleep?

4.        Do you have Sleep Apnea or do you Snore Loudly

5.        Does work or co-workers frequently cause you stress?

6.        Do you always like to be in Control of Yourself or Situations?

7.        Is it difficult to “switch your mind” off? (e.g. on week ends, at night)

8.        If you recall a negative memory(s) do you still feel strong emotion?

9.  Do you do things to excess (e.g. smoke, drink, eat)?

10. Do you suffer regular neck aches/headaches or migraines?

11. Are you intolerant of your own or other peoples mistakes?

12. Do you have occasional panic or anxiety attacks?


Outcome – As a result of participating in this training the individual participants will experience –

  • Removal or Reduction of unwanted feelings and emotions
  • Improved capacity to cope with and handle conflict situations
  • Improved communication and decision making
  • Improvements in sleep (Getting to sleep, duration, & quality)
  • Improvements in attitude and motivation
  • Opportunities for improved management & leadership
  • Improvements in health (all levels)
  • Increased confidence

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