Negotiation Coaching

The term negotiation comes from the Latin words, “neg” which means “not” and “otium” which means “leisure” or in other words negotiation can be hard work or a struggle — it doesn’t have be that way.  Most people who attend negotiation training for the first time begin to realize they are actually negotiating for a living and yet have never been formally taught these skills.

To provide you with the knowledge and skill set of a professional negotiator the Negotiation Coaching program will allow you to

  • Identify your natural negotiation style both in terms of your competencies and areas to improve
  • Acquire the ability to ‘read’ the other party in order to determine how best to influence them.
  • Learn the stages of negotiation which will help you both in terms of preparing to negotiate as well as in conducting the actual
  • Learn, understand and be able to apply over 60 techniques that can produce influence and movement with the other party.
  • Gain the ability to remain calmer while in the process of negotiation.  
  • Ultimately be in position to manage both the content and the relationship in order to achieve better results while maintaining an effective and productive working relationship.

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  • Achieve higher success at negotiating.
  • Remember! How you say something makes all the difference.
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