Marriage Coaching

Marriage can be one of the most rewarding or frustrating experiences in life.  Quite often the very thing we were attracted to in the other person becomes the very thing we eventually hate.  The divorce rate in the U.S. is about 50%.  For those who remain married the degree of satisfaction varies.

Some couples try to fix it themselves, others try reading a book or two, still others might try attending a workshop or retreat and some end up in counseling or therapy.  Often only one person in the marriage is working to keep things together which usually results failure.

Experience has shown that in most struggling marriages both people need help as individuals as well as a couple.  Each person brings numerous experiences, memories and expectations into any relationship as well as a personality type and value system.  As people grow in self-awareness and obtain healing for their own damaged emotions they naturally move into greater capability to love others.

Although there are many factors affecting the success of a long-term relationship there is only one factor that is a predictor of success in staying together.  People who start putting each other down are more likely to move apart while those who build each other up are more likely to remain together.

Marriage Coaching differs from counseling in that the focus is first on the individual and then on the marriage relationship.  There is less “talking” about things and more teaching, learning and doing directed at building a strong supportive marriage between emotionally healthy people.  Until you are at peace with yourself you can never be at peace with someone else.

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