Life Coaching

Some people struggle moving forward in life, they feel like they’ve  become stagnant.  Others struggle with figuring out their passion or purpose life while others struggle with the relationships with others.  If any of these struggles ring true for you then you could benefit from Life Coaching.

Life coaching is simply a process that helps you identify and remove the obstacles in your life.

In Life Coaching, you will…

  • Identify your passion in life
  • Translate your passion into a vision and mission.
  • Understand how your personality type and motivational value system will both help support and distract from achieving your goals. 
  • Identify your underlying belief systems that are inhibit your ability to execute your strategies. 
  • Remove limiting beliefs and establish positive supporting belief systems using a combination of neuro-linguistic programming and Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Discover achieving your goals to be much simpler and more natural

If you’re looking for a great life coach, consider Dr. Smith. He’s extremely thoughtful, intelligent, and sincere. He’s helped me navigate some tricky waters and helped me with prioritizing aspects of my life.
~Justin, New Hope Chapel

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