Coaching Plans

Life Coaching

Some people struggle moving forward in life, they feel like they’ve  become stagnant.  Others struggle with figuring out their passion or purpose life while others struggle with the relationships with others.  If any of these struggles ring true for you then you could benefit from Life Coaching.

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Professional Development

Everyone has good ideas, however having good ideas is not enough.  Getting people to act on those ideas is what makes the difference between a successful and unsuccessful career.

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Marriage Coaching

Marriage Coaching differs from counseling in that the focus is first on the individual and then on the marriage relationship.  There is less “talking” about things and more teaching, learning and doing directed at building a strong supportive marriage between emotionally healthy people.  Until you are at peace with yourself you can never be at peace with someone else.

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Negotiation Coaching

To provide you with the knowledge and skill set of a professional negotiator the Negotiation Coaching program will allow you to identify your natural negotiation style both in terms of your competencies and areas to improve.  You will also acquire the ability to ‘read’ the other party in order to determine how best to influence them.

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Sleep Workshop

People are stressed out and as a result they aren’t sleeping well and consequently are NOT performing at maximum capacity.  The key to better sleep is learning how to manage your emotional responses to stress triggers as well as training in techniques for getting to sleep, staying asleep and getting the right kind of sleep so you wake up refreshed.

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