A Body Wants to Know

Does your body know what happened?

A few years ago I was talking to a lady I met at a social event and she asked me what I do.  I said, “Well I help people struggling with sleep.”  She immediately lit up saying she needed help.  She said she goes to sleep every night but wakes up three hours later and then can’t get back to a deep sleep.

I asked how long had this been going on.  She indicated eight months.  I asked, “Okay, what happened eight months ago?”  She raised her eyebrows, “That’s funny, I hadn’t connected it but I had emergency surgery eight months ago.”  I asked, “What do you mean emergency?”  She said she had gone to see her OB/GYN complaining about abdominal pain.  Upon examination her doctor sent her directly to the hospital in an ambulance and surgery was performed which likely saved her life.  “So,” I asked, “You really had no time to prepare for or even think about the surgery?”  “Not really” she said.  I then asked, “So, in a way, even though in your mind you had some idea of what was going on perhaps your body had no idea of what was happening?”  She responded, “What do you mean?”

I explained how the sub-conscious mind has three primary roles, 1) to run the body, 2) protect the body, and 3) go after goals.  The sub-conscious mind takes care of all the critical systems in the background so the conscious mind is freed up to gather data, analyze it, make decisions, be creative, and so on.  These two minds don’t really interact on a frequent basis.  Most of the time the sub-conscious mind is doing its thing and only catches on later about what the conscious mind is trying to do.  That’s why it takes a few years to learn how to play the piano easily.

“Just out of curiosity,” I asked, “how long was the surgery?”  She replied, “Three hours,” and as she said those two words her eyes got big and her mouth fell open.  As she started to say, “So, you’re saying…” I intoned, “Look at it from the perspective of the sub-conscious mind.  Its just happily doing its job, keeping track of all the body parts, keeping things running and so on.  It is aware of some problem in the tummy area, which is why it had been sending pain signals to the conscious mind. Otherwise everything is going well.  Then, the body is put to sleep, and when the body wakes up the sub-conscious mind does its normal check and notices a major body part is missing!”  I asked, “Do you see how it is possible the sub-conscious mind has decided to wake up the body after three hours just to check and make sure everything is still there?”  She looked dumbfounded.

I recommended a simple solution that might sound silly but sometimes silly things work.  I suggested when she goes to bed that night to first sit on the bed and have a conversation with her body.  The conversation would be something like this, “Hello body, I just wanted to let you know what happened eight months ago.  There was a serious problem in the abdomen so I went to the doctor.  The doctor determined the best thing for my safety and health was to have the problem organ removed and time was of the essence.  So, I really had no time to let you know what was going to happen and for that I want to apologize.  More importantly, it was because you alerted me to this problem that my life was saved and for that I want to thank you.  I promise in the future if ever there is a need for surgery I will be sure to let you know everything that is going to happen so you won’t be surprised and so you can be prepared to help with the healing process.  I sincerely appreciate everything you do to keep me safe and healthy.”

She called me a week later — she slept soundly every night since.  As predicted she did initially feel a bit silly talking to her body like that but as she did so a subtle peace began to form in her body.

Maybe you just need to communicate with your body.  Remember, communication also means listening.  Sleep well!

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